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Bear Cubs Animation Early 2017

General / 15 April 2018

Back in 2017 I was working on a commercial project with Packet39 for PETA - they wanted an augmented reality app with animals projected onto the stage, but run realtime in unity.  I did a bunch of technical work and some animation for the project, but this was definitely my favourite part, where I had to rig up and animate a couple bear-cubs doing a short interaction.

Mystic Mancers

General / 15 April 2018

Mystic Mancers is a game I worked on with a few others for our second year final at Fanshawe College.

We called ourselves Teacup Studios, composed of Eric Crosby, Mason Butterwick, Julie Gossman, Tyler Aubie, and myself - Nicholas Hylands.

Each of us contributed two level's complete designs, one character, at least two environment assets and whatever else we could throw in there.

For myself, that "whatever-else" was coding the game and all its systems inside the Unity Game Engine. It's all high-level Unity-C# stuff, so it wasn't too much of a challenge, but it was a lot of fun and I'm really happy that we got to break away and extend the set-up we were given. 

One of the more interesting aspects of the game was setting up a finite state machine using C# co-routines, specifically for the AI.

A couple gifs from development:

I love catrig in 3ds max.

Lots of messing around with fx packages and some early AI stuff

It was a great project, and the team was awesome to work with.

Liss Skeleton&Rig

General / 03 January 2018

Here's a video of the running animation on the skeleton:

The Clothes need a retop, as they are straight out of MD right now. Gonna just use a skin wrap after and copy the rig, and probably a completemap. I have yet to add some details and fancy trim to the clothes, which I think I might do in MD. For the final character, I'm aiming for something like ~10-15k tris. (plus the weapons, probably sub1k each, though). The character is supposed to be able to jump around and spawn sort of "ethereal" weapons at will, for very temporary use - i.e. she'll jump up, "materialize" a giant fancy looking battleaxe, swing it into the ground/enemy, and have it fade away. Lots of fancy effects to come :)

Liss In Unity

General / 01 January 2018

Video of Liss Running Animation! 

Geometry definitely needs some cleanup, need to delete some mesh you usually wouldn't be able to see, such as a large part of the arms and a bunch of the hair, and clean up the rig a bit.

Lots of fun!

Current Project :)

General / 28 December 2017

Having a lot of fun designing and developing this character, basically was going non-stop for the few days before, and during Christmas.

Still lots of work to go. I plan on doing a different rig than usual this time, with some extra bones and helpers for joints and muscle groups to make deforming a bit cleaner. Will also be adding sleeves, more laces/ties here and there, thigh sheaths, a satchel, a tie for the hood, and several weapons that are WIP.